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December 2013, Page 2

sharing the “mine.”

child photographer dancing with my father e


when first i fell in love with lens and light, i hoarded that love.  i held it as my private gift and sanctuary combined, and i had no desire to share that love.  i reasoned that i am with my children all day many days, and we share much… i needed something of my own.


child photographer dancing with my father a


life, after all, with my loves, is loud and fast, and slowing time in silence was a rare gift and one i held sacred; necessarily solitary, i thought.

child photographer dancing with my father g


but they pursued, and i assented.  i handed them my valued gear and that love, shared, grew.  somehow, it instilled a quiet all its own, just from the “working alongside” that happens from letting another in to a sacred space, from teaching a learned skill and from giving of a passion.

child photographer dancing with my father b


how can one explain joy until it is shared?

child photographer dancing with my father c


now they, too, have a sacred space full of wonder…

child photographer dancing with my father d


once i gave in and passed on knowledge and delighted with them in new discovery, the gift became greater for the sharing.

child photographer dancing with my father f

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gifting each other {Christmas family traditions}

at times it does seem a bit much – the covert ops that happen the week or two before Christmas.  juggling siblings and secrets and sometimes-late-night supply runs.

sibling gifts christmas traditions b

but in the end, the gifts our children give each other are most special to me.  they know each other’s hearts and desires, and if they don’t they care enough to ask.  they think and plan and plot and shop and they make it a priority to do for each other.  some take extra jobs from neighbors to scrimp the cash needed to make it happen.

sibling gifts christmas traditions a

i know we get a lot wrong as parents, and our kids have as much growing to do as we do.  but in these moments, when they make each other’s desires more important than their own, i see Grace at work.  do your children buy gifts for their siblings?

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cinnamon ornaments {handmade Christmas gifts}

cinnamon ornaments dancing with my father

i think we made these the first year we were married… gave them out as gifts a couple years later at our “birthday party for Jesus” open house.

cinnamon ornaments dec 2013_0018 copy

cinnamon ornaments dec 2013_0020 copy

they carry the aroma of everything “home” at the holidays.  plus they’re just fun to make!

cinnamon ornaments dec 2013_0024 copy

(this year the littles spread out on the floor and rolled them right there.  they loved it!  and of course, we had cinnamon-socks to contend with.)

homemade cinnamon Christmas ornaments a

homemade cinnamon Christmas ornaments d


little tip?  you can find cinnamon at the dollar store.  no lie – big bottle.  i don’t know that it’s baker’s-quality (we’re spice snobs), but it is perfect for making large batches of these sweet ornaments.

homemade cinnamon Christmas ornaments b

homemade cinnamon Christmas ornaments c

you can dry them at room temperature for a couple days (and oh, they’ll fill up your home like a wintery candle), or you can gently dry them in a low-temperature oven.

homemade cinnamon ornaments dec 2013

they’re pretty hanging on the tree, and they mingle delightfully with the aroma of a fresh fir, if you have one.

homemade cinnamon ornaments dec 2013d

we like to use them to decorate gifts!

homemade cinnamon ornaments b  homemade cinnamon ornaments dec 2013c

want the recipe?  get it here!  how do you Christmas-craft?

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