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February 2016, Page 2

Focus. (Five Minute Friday)

There’s a funny scene in a famous kids’ movie where one of the lead characters is easily distracted.  To this day in my house (and maybe yours?), when someone exclaims, “SQUIRREL!” we know someone’s distracted and off-topic.  Admittedly, that person’s often me.


Why is it that we’re so easily put off track from the things that really matter in life?  Why do we find ourselves so quickly wandering in our thoughts and plans to things that don’t need to be our first point of attention?




As a photographer, I’m obsessed with my images being what we call tack-sharp.  In a never-ending quest for this goal, I’m always checking my gear, checking my shots, and generally being irritable when I have to use a photo that’s less-than-in-focus.  In the same way, I want to have the eyes of my heart and mind laser-focused on the things that are most important.  Spending time studying the character and person of my God,  loving on my husband and children, and connecting genuinely with the people he places in my life; these are the things I want to consume me.  And still I find myself surfing Instagram or Facebook to see who-that-I-may-not-even-know is baking today or what color that-friend-I’ve-never-met is painting her living room.  There’s a time for these mental adventures, but I want them to be with purpose.


So what’s the key?  How do I bring my life into tack-sharp-focus?  I think it’s in putting first-things-first, even if they’re the little boring things.  Even if they’re the less pleasant things like getting a glass of water in the morning before I eat, or helping someone with math before I edit recipe photos.  And especially when they’re the most wonderful things, like my necessary snuggle with my people and my chat time with my Papa before the day begins; I want to put one foot ahead of the next, and focus on what lasts forever.


{On Fridays I try to keep up with a wonderful group of writers who challenge themselves to free-write for five minutes on a shared topic.  Click to Kate’s page Five Minute Friday to see what others are saying!}


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