the husband.

i always said he makes me feel “little and cute.”  when he’s gone a few days without shaving, he’s scratchy on my cheeks when he kisses me good morning.  when he’s at peace in life, he makes me giggle (and takes everyone in the room into his sense of humor).  he can dance like a crazy man and isn’t afraid to do it in front of his kids.  he smells terrible (but walks with sexy swagger) after a hard game of basketball, usually involving at least one dunk.  his tenderness with other people’s children makes me proud and so drawn to him, and after eighteen years, when he sings a note i get flutters in my stomach.

and he likes Mexican food.  so i’ll make it for him whenever he asks, and sometimes when he doesn’t.

because after all these years, i’m still glad he’s mine.

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Mexican eggs benedict.  steak, and eggs, and green tomatillo salsa.  and what’s Mexican breakfast without a strawberry margarita smoothie?

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