brothers. {lifestyle family portraits}

…and life rushes by.  and days fly and smiles are shared and wrestling and hugs and i must not forget this.brothers portraits march 2014

lately, i’ve been so keenly aware of the moments that are lost and i’m determined not just to “keep them and ponder them in my heart,” (though i do find myself sitting still and watching them, my precious “little” ones) but to capture them, too, with my lens.


i often struggle with the time that i spend sharing the photography-gift with clients and friends, but miss out on glowy golden evening light, or reflected rays on ponds, with my dear family.  so i’m inviting them to more sessions.  not just the assistants, but the kiddos who will play nearby with balls and after the session’s done, teach me to throw a football the right way.  (i can make it spin, i know it.)


how do you make every minute matter with your own dear ones?

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