cauliflower risotto recipe (meal planning tips)

do you have a meal planning system that makes your day go smooth as butter, knowing that you’ve got meals planned, ingredients shopped, and recipe ready to go?  at times over the years i’ve felt so scattered that we’ve doubled our grocery spending, i’m pretty sure, because we grabbed “out” so often.  and it certainly didn’t help my waistline along the way, because usually what we grabbed wasn’t exactly the most nourishing, natural recipe.  today i want to share a plan we love, along with a killer paleo/primal, grain-free recipe for cauliflower risotto with bacon and mushrooms.


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i’ve shared before about emeals, and since it’s been super helpful to me during a long transition cross-country, i thought it was time to mention it again.  emeals is a meal planning system that operates by sending you a pdf each week with seven complete meals, a list of ingredients, and quick and easy directions to create them.  the best part of emeals is its phone/ipad compatible complementary app, which allows you to view recipes and lists on a larger scale and share them with your family (or beg your son/husband to pickup your groceries for you!).  by sharing the app across multiple devices within your family, you can also allow family members to choose which recipes they want to try or bypass on a particular week.

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this recipe was my variation of one of our menu choices this week.  i substituted the protein and let me tell you, this dish is both simple and so delicious.  (my a-girl may or may not have had several helpings.  i’ll never tell.)


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one huge advantage to emeals is the variety of plans offered.  we use the “paleo” plan because it best suits our family’s culinary lifestyle in this season, but there are more traditional plans, allergy-friendly plans, “clean eating” variations, and so on.  you can also choose to add lunch and breakfast options to your plan for even more help with your meal planning.


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i find that our eMeals recipes are simple to prepare, with every-day ingredients that are often seasonally or sale-based, and in using the system, i save money and stress, and more importantly i find we eat much healthier.


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