how to create a cheese platter {with free printable cheese labels}

i don’t know about you, but i love to have something nice to nibble on when i’m cooking.  it keeps me in a good mood, and it’s nice for guests when i’m working on last-minute details for the meal.  i like to have healthy snacks even when it’s just for our kiddos on an everyday weeknight, because it helps them be more patient for the meal.  when it’s a healthy snack, i don’t worry that they will fill up on worthless stuff either.  for me (and for lots of gifted hosts, i know!) a cheese platter fits that bill, and it can even stand in for a light meal if you like.  here are my tips for how to create a cheese platter.


how to make a cheese plate


choose a moveable plate, tray, or platter that you can relocate with you and your guests.  this wooden tray has been around for years, and i can replace the ribbon to fit the decor of the day.  i like that it’s big and deep and i can pile in lots of yummy treats and pretty serving dishes, too.


how to make a cheese platter a


curate a small, but varied selection of cheeses.  i like to have a blue, a goat, an aged cheese (like a cheddar or aged gouda with some crystallization), and a creamy soft cheese with savory seasonings.  it’s good to have a mix of “potent cheeses,” as my kids call them, and mild ones.  to add variety, i usually drizzle one salty cheese or a goat cheese with honey.  it adds such a twist of flavor!  (if you have a specialty store near you, it’s super fun to visit and learn from an expert, especially if they’ll let you try their favorites!)


how to make a cheese platter B

create depth of flavor and visual interest by adding additional items like sweet pickles, stuffed olives, and fresh fruit.  i love turning dishes upside down and stacking to add height, as well.  here, i’ve mixed white and clear dishes for variety, and since we were already beginning to reduce our grain consumption, i skipped the crackers.  i don’t even think they were missed!


how to make a cheese platter c


if you create a beautiful platter, you might even find your guests deem it photo-worthy!


how to make a cheese plate B


in the past, i’ve used cute mini chalkboards, but i also made these nifty little labels and thought you might like them to decorate your own cheese (or any kind of nibble-ish) platter.  click here to download your own; i recommend printing onto white or colored cardstock and maybe even mounting against a different color.  i’ve left some blank so you can customize them however you like!

Cheese Labels WEB


how might you use these labels?  give a girl some new ideas!


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