how to cut jicama

have you tried jicama?  it is crunchy and starchy and has tons of nutritional benefits, like being high in fiber and nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.  however (and it’s a big however), have you tried cutting and peeling jicama?  it’s a bear.  until recently, i dreaded it enough to avoid it.  then i happened on a way that seemed much easier than any other way i tried.  i thought you, too, might enjoy this little demo on how to cut jicama.


how to cut jicama d

first, turn the jicama on its side and cut off one tip, creating a flat surface.


how to cut jicama c

now place the jicama on that flat side, and cut it in half, through the center.


how to cut jicama b

use your knife (i find this works best with my larger chef’s knife, or my mid-size santoku knife) to slice off the peel.  this is much easier than trying to use a peeler or a paring knife.  i promise.


how to cut jicama a

after each half is peeled, you can slice the jicama and/or julienne it or, if desired, chop it for adding to other dishes.

it’s a favorite vegetable of mine, and recently i was pleasantly suprised to try it roasted, even.  i’ve mostly eaten it cold, like in this jicama salad.  my favorite way to eat jicama, though, is sliced and spread with almond butter.


do you have a favorite way to eat jicama?  i’d love new ideas!


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