the fight {book review – Christian fiction}

there are days when i feel like i’m in tune with all i’m called to do and be, when things flow near-seamlessly from one moment to the next, and i’m ultra-aware of a sense of my “place” in this world.


realistically, though, there are many days when i feel lost-and-wandering, keenly sensitive to the brokenness in and around me.  i feel like i’m wading through too-deep waters, struggling to stay upright, nervous the water is rising.  or i feel like i’m battling some unseen force, fist-for-fist, just trying to survive the day, and wondering where in the world is the One who called me to live victoriously.  i wonder, in those moments, just what living victoriously even means.


recently, i was given a copy of The Fight by Luke Wordley, a boxing book, of all things, to review.  although i’m not thinking i would’ve picked out a boxing book if i saw it on a shelf, the description of the story line drew me in.  a mama of four boys, two of them teenaged, i watch firsthand the battle into manhood, and i know that fists merely play out what happens in the heart.


immediately, i was drawn into the story of sam, a teen near-broken by the circumstances of his seemingly helpless life, and jerry, a faith-filled husband, father, and boxing trainer, and how the lives of these men collide.  each walking through his own individual crises, their relationship through the sport of boxing is yet another tool used by God to shape them to see Him for all Glory, and to empower them to shine light into their individual, and joint, worlds.


will i ever step into an arena to watch a boxing match?  unlikely.  (though i do have four sons, and every mama learns, never say never.)  did i spend several days, cathartic, knowing just what it feels like to fight man, thinking that’s the true enemy, missing the point that our Creator battles silently for our souls (battled, perhaps more correctly – the war is won, current skirmishes are for more of our transformed hearts…)?  absolutely.  can i relate to pummeling my own fists against the proverbial punching bag, beating my head against the wall in frustration when it seems there are no answers to struggles in this life?  yep.  i couldn’t put this one down, and i’ve passed it to my boys.  i can’t wait to hear what they think.


spoiler alert: i didn’t particularly love every aspect of this book.  one character, to me, was left a little undeveloped, and the character’s ending actions left me hungry for more for him.  i think that’s true to life, though… we can’t control outcome, we can only pray for God to put to good use even our mistakes, and we have to realize those mistakes will, by the nature of His allowing us to live free, have repercussions.


are you interested in reading The Fight?  I’ve added it to my amazon store; i earn a small commission if you purchase it there.  it’s worth the time to read, and you’ll want to pass it on.  it’s a discussion starter, and i’d love to know your thoughts (share in the comments below)!


would you like to win your own copy?  Luke and his publishers at Tyndale have graciously agreed to give away a copy of this book to one of my readers!  sign up below for several chances to win.

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