For Love or Money

I wondered, when I said goodbye to my photography as full-time-business in this time, if I would die to it for good, or if it would regain more of my attention when my heart settled into a new world, a new season.


I’ve wondered, over a year-plus-a-few, if I should rush out and find work that pays, and although I’ve done small projects, I haven’t felt a release to look for full-time work.  There is a sweetness in this season of comparative-quiet.  There’s a renewed sense of urgency in my mothering, as one my one “my” birds fly the nest.  There’s a refreshing deepening of relationship with our youngest ones, as they both grow and observe, stretching into it, the more advanced conversations with their older siblings.




But God so graciously gives me glimpses of the joy that grew into (dare I call it?) art, that grew into business, that grew into full-time-income, that needed to rest for a season.  This week I glimpsed it anew.  For a few moments, my girl and her heart-friend-come-to-visit from Hawaii gave me a few moments to play in the studio.  We photographed their exploration with makeup and styling, but I knew in a moment that sweetness of sweetnesses, we photographed their hearts.  And so I glimpsed again the beauty that is the Design of each of us; the innate beauty that only seeps to the outside from its original source, the Papa who made us all.  And oh, how that beauty is magnified when its bearer knows Him who gave it.


I remember again that what I love, what I get to capture, is creation.  Whether it is food or nature, a pretty part of a home or highest of all, a person (the only made-in-His-image), what I love is capturing creation, because in so doing, I capture a glimmer of the Creator who made it all.


(For more photos from this session, visit my photography site, Legacy Seven Studios.)


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