gifting each other {Christmas family traditions}

at times it does seem a bit much – the covert ops that happen the week or two before Christmas.  juggling siblings and secrets and sometimes-late-night supply runs.

sibling gifts christmas traditions b

but in the end, the gifts our children give each other are most special to me.  they know each other’s hearts and desires, and if they don’t they care enough to ask.  they think and plan and plot and shop and they make it a priority to do for each other.  some take extra jobs from neighbors to scrimp the cash needed to make it happen.

sibling gifts christmas traditions a

i know we get a lot wrong as parents, and our kids have as much growing to do as we do.  but in these moments, when they make each other’s desires more important than their own, i see Grace at work.  do your children buy gifts for their siblings?

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