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i saw a quote recently that said thanksgiving is the perfect time to recognize all we have, and all that others don’t have.  ouch.  because let’s be real; unless i’m the only one, usually we’re busy noticing all we don’t have, and seeing all that others around us, do.


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i have a dear friend who has walked through an extended time of not seeing dreams come true.  of begging God for answered prayers and seemingly seeing none.  at least not the answers she’s hoping for.


i know what that’s like.  i’m a dreamer, and for almost every day i live, there’s a dream that doesn’t come true.  it’s no cinderella life.  but when i pay attention, there is a fairy tale being written.  it’s one about a girl who came from broken, who swept the figurative hearth, dirt on my frock and daydreams in my head.  and i might not get the fairy godmother and the ball gown, but i do get to dance, when i listen for the music.


i’m working on hearing that music.  on seeing the blessings, not just when they’re obvious (and right now, i’m in a shower of obvious ones), but when they’re hidden.  like the days i get to stay in my jammies and listen to acoustic guitar on my pandora station, drink hot tea and listen to the giggles of my littles, and soak in the hugs of my big kids.  or the days i just can’t get out of my jammies and the kids are all grumpy (ahem, their mother never would be), but i still get the awesome privilege of being with them.


my friend teased me about having a perfect life, because on the surface recently, things look pretty good.  i’m thankful she can tease, because it’s all too easy to focus on things like small rooms or mismatched furniture and let them steal my joy… and when our heart-friends call us out with humor, it hurts good.


and i’m thankful for my Prince, who rules over this little life, and who brings me gifts greater than glass slippers.  even when those gifts sometimes look like less than perfection.


if you, like me, sometimes need a reminder that this life is art, and that in thankfulness we can appreciate it, here’s a free thanksgiving printable for you (click to go to download for full size).  but you might want it for all year round.


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