just 18 summers {summer reading book review}


the last few weeks and months, several of my closest friends have walked the last days of preparing a child for graduation.  from the world’s eyes, it’s the jumping-out-of-the-nest phase, and indeed, it has felt that way for each of them.  last school activities, last family date nights, last rides to school, possible last days of being the first one asked for advice: these are all thoughts heavy on the hearts of my mama-friends.


mid-journey with them, i received from Tyndale House the book just 18 summers to read.  (click for affiliate link to purchase.)  just 18 summers follows the lives of intersecting characters, some of whom experience a seemingly endless collection of mishaps as they raise their children.  others seem to have it all together, but as the curtain is pulled back, we see similar struggles in each, much like i know happens in our own lives.


just 18 summers may 2014a

not long ago, a dearest friend carefully broached with me (mid-girly-shopping-trip; perfect timing!) a hurt that had been building in her heart.  in following a passion of my children’s, i had unknowingly wounded her with my seeming judgment of her own choice of how to support her children, whom i also dearly love.  as she talked, i realized my seeming judgment was not just seeming; i had seen her actions through the lens of my own journey, and i had missed vital convictions she had followed.  her humility in sharing had a softness that opened my ears to hear truth about my own children, and as i read through just 18 summers, i saw the same thing happening in the now-familiar characters.  as each walked his or her own story, in sharing with one another, brokenness and honesty brought healing.


if you’re looking for a good read this summer, just 18 summers will fit the bill.  the timing is no accident – you may find yourself dared to do more with your days, to make every summer minute count.


i’m intent on making the minutes count this summer, and i plan to stuff some of those minutes with good reads.  do you have a good one for me?  leave a comment below!


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