last minute Christmas gifts {herb salt}

herbed salt ornaments a

i love getting homemade gifts.  there’s something that goes beyond even the sweet Christmas spirit when you know someone’s put their own time and effort into making something just for you.

herb salt ornaments d

in my mind, it doesn’t matter whether the idea’s original or “borrowed…” it’s the “homemade” part that counts.

sometimes, i want a simple gift that still shows i put in creativity and effort… and it would help if it’s fast to make.

herb salt ornaments b


here’s a last-minute gift that takes just an hour  (well, really, about five minutes, plus wait time), and it’s a thoughtful hostess gift that can be shared with you when you give it, should your recipient feel generous.

herb salt ornaments c

i mixed up herb salt, funneled it into a clear plastic ornament, and tied up with a pretty ribbon.  plunked it into a pretty basket with olive oil and fresh bread, and gave it to a favorite friend… mixed together, it’s a perfect dipping side for a hearty soup dinner, or an afternoon snack for a wintery day.

herbed salt ornaments b

want to make this yourself?

here is a great recipe to try for your herb salt from chef john at!

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