learning the states {homeschool geography game}

it’s like torture to untie myself from the computer, or from a good book, or from a new recipe.  sometimes i get settled into my chair and focused on other worlds or new ideas for writing or a photography technique i’m dying to try, and before long the hours have passed and i’ve missed a moment.


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game-playing pulls out my competitive side in the best of ways, makes us all giggle, and keeps us close together fighting for or against one another in head-sharpening ways.  in the “classroom” (as if we really use one of those for our myriad learning methods), it brings an element of fun that removes the drudgery i might have found as a kid, in the memory work that actually makes the rest of learning so much deeper.


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when nat, the game’s creator, offered to send us his new game State Master, to try out as a possible asset to our learning repertoire, or anyone learning about America, we jumped at the chance.  this week, “population rank” has become part of Little’s vocabulary, and a-girl and e. have been battling to see who can learn the state nicknames fastest.   to be honest, when it first arrived, a “game” about state facts didn’t sound like a rousing family night activity.  that reminds me: remember, self, don’t put your bias on your kiddos when it comes to thinking learning activities might not constitute FUN. 


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are you interested in trying a new game?  order it and other games at hs games.  (and this would be fun in a traditional classroom as well.)  want to support a game designer in getting his new game out?    you can click here for his kickstarter campaign.

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in order to review this game, our family received a complementary copy from its creator.  all opinions are unbiased and based on our user experience.

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