little one…

i neither need, nor want, you to become a rock-star-idol photographer, nor speaker, nor any other kind of idol.  i want you to be in relationship to those in your life.

homeschool and lunch sep 2013_11

be present.  be kind to the people who live with you.  teach them well.  feed them well.  laugh with them!  love them.  love me more.

homeschool and lunch sep 2013_15

homeschool and lunch sep 2013_9

avocado gazpacho legacy seven studios b      homeschool and lunch sep 2013_10

i may call you to speak to larger groups through the gifts i’ve blessed you with.  but always, it’s for the heart.  dance and sing, laugh and play!  enjoy the food, the books, the art, the music.  i’ve made it all.  and it is for my Glory that i share it with you.

homeschool and lunch sep 2013_5

if i call you out, it will be for faithfulness in the quiet moments.  love them well.  serve them joyfully.  and then enjoy the frosting on top!

homeschool and lunch sep 2013_4

do not fret, nor strategize, on how you will achieve.  plan quietly, humbly, and work hard.  but do not forget to rest.  and do not forget that i already have you cared for.  and it is good.

homeschool and lunch sep 2013_8

(images from our day.  we studied abstract art.  ate gazpacho.  did latin and pre-algebra and writing and so-on and so-on.  we laughed and we got ugly and we said “i’m sorry” and we prayed.  it was a good day.)

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