the love of siblings

so often when they were little, i’d be in a checkout of a store or ordering a meal out, and some want-to-be comedian would look at the five of them and say of my children, “don’t you know what causes that?!”  or still today, someone will take a look at my girl and say, “oh, you poor thing, FOUR brothers?”




at first, i’d bristle, and then i learned to answer with a ready smile, “i know, isn’t God awesome?”  because really, even if they don’t know the One who made them, they deserve to stop in their tracks for a moment when they comment, even unintentionally, in a negative way about these precious people.  even if it’s a hairy day and i’m feeling overwhelmed by them all myself!


but gradually, they learned to answer for themselves.  my girl herself smiles and says, “i’m so lucky to have them,” or her brother himself bristles and then answers, “we take very good care of her.”  and more importantl than what they say is how they live.  they live together as if they are each other’s greatest gifts, and indeed, i think they are.  they’re built-in best friends, they’re iron sharpening iron in an every-day, in-the-trenches way as they learn community life firsthand before they must practice it with strangers.  they’re built-in accountability and they’re ever-present care-takers for one another, and it’s a way better gift than if they just had me and their dad.



i used to envy my friends who only had one (grass is always greener and all that), because they had their full attention to devote to their children.  now, i watch them from a bit of a distance and i’m thankful that since i’m not designed to be “enough” for my children, they have each other, a taste of their Papa’s love here on earth.


how do your kiddos interact?  do you have one, or many, or none?  share your heart below…


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