paper mache recipe (a recipe for play in our homeschool)

“mama, i’m not sure i’m a paper mache guy,” he said.  the glue-y goop dripped from his fingers as he slid the newspaper strips through and slapped them onto the balloon.  but we sat together for hours that day the next, using a basic paper mache recipe to make a bowl we wouldn’t use.  and it was fun.


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paper mache creates messy, gooey, drippy moments that broke from the everyday.  it creates temporary works of art and magical moments when science happens naturally.


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balloons slowly leak air or makeshift molds don’t release and projects have to be scrapped.  lessons are learned through curiosity and freedom to explore is a gift.


paper mache recipe d


papermache recipe d


the chance for me, too, as mama, to let go of the “have to” and be all-in for the tactile experience of slick, cool flour-and-water paste, is a rare gift.


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adding a drop or two of an essential oil makes it even better, because lavender is relaxing and peppermint is stimulating, and another sense is engaged, awakening further our experience.


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this basic recipe for paper mache can also be found in recipe for play, a book we received for review.


papermache recipe c




(amounts vary, but a 1/1 ratio is good, and 1 cup of each gave us more than enough for several projects such is this balloon-mold bowl.)

old newspaper

1-2 drops essential oil such as lavender, if desired


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