Rebecca Stubbs, The Vicar’s Daughter {Inspirational Fiction Review}

Recently, I received a copy of the book Rebecca Stubbs, The Vicar’s Daughter (by Hannah Buckland) from Ambassador International, and i was immediately swept up into the character of Rebecca, whose life is not just a pretty story, but a well-developed plot and characters, and a journey into heart and soul.


With the popularity of “period” movies and shows increasing, I’ve enjoyed delving into history through entertainment, and in the conversations they bring up.  I’m also, as a mama of teenagers (and younger ones at “higher” reading levels) always looking for books that are just plain fun to read, but have a redeeming value (and am I the only one who notices how hard that’s getting to be?).


Rebecca Stubbs does just that.  I enjoyed following the life of a woman who exemplifies character traits like wisdom, humility, and tenderness.  She’s a strong woman who’s growing in faith, she’s a bit of a romantic with firmly planted feet (and ideals), and she’s servant hearted.  When life deals her a difficult blow (the death of her parents in an era when women have few options within their level of society), she works hard to make a way for herself, keeping her heart open to God’s blessings and her hopes set on what He wills for her.


Hannah Buckland has created a sweet character study and a story that’s fun to read, and one I can’t wait to share with my daughter.

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