He is risen. indeed! {chalkboard Easter printable}

i’ve always wanted to give something up during Lent.  i’ve attended churches that, for the most part, didn’t recognize the time in the church year with public acknowledgement or education, but after a heart-to-heart conversation with my dear friend keri, i knew that i needed to exercise that spiritual muscle this year.

i gave up coffee.

i didn’t talk about it much, unless i thought it would bring glory to the One who gave up ALL for me, but each time i had a craving for my near-daily-obsession, i knew that this minute-little-speck-in-the-universe sacrifice was one teensy step toward recognizing what true Sacrifice really is.

and when i wanted coffee, i prayed.  i prayed for those who have not.  i prayed in thanks for all that’s been done for me.  i prayed for Truth to ring true in hearts, and most of all in mine, which is so quick to forget.

to be honest, it was good for me.  i wished often that i’d given up more, because in a sense, i was breaking an addiction.  and i was a little embarrassed that i was “giving up” in a way that was actually to my benefit.

and do you know what else?  it was such a little thing.  really, it wasn’t a thing.  it’s heartbreaking to think how that while i exercise the privilege to “give up,” there are so many who have nothing to offer.

but now, as we near the eve of the Resurrection celebration, i could do a little happy dance, because that itsy bitsy little giving-up-of-something helped prepare my heart to really celebrate all that the day represents.  and i’m praying that the exercise of giving up, of giving away, becomes a daily one.  i’m praying that it grows ever greater, until someday i really know true giving-away-of-me.  (yes, i’m terrified of this.)

but oh, the joy, to know and to sing, my Papa LIVES, and He loves me, and He loves those He’s called me to love.

He is RISEN, indeed!

chalkboard Easter printable

here’s a little printable to remind us all.  Happy Resurrection Day!


how do you celebrate the greatest gift we’ve ever been given?

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