smoked {turkey} sausage frittata

frittata.  fritatta.  say it three times fast.  spell it correctly. (which one is it? hint: i’ve spelled it wrong at least once here.)  it’s a funny word!

Turkey Sausage Fritatta_dancing with my father_d   Turkey Sausage Fritatta_dancing with my father_a

for some reason, whenever we do one of these in the skillet, it always gets a texture my crew doesn’t love.  so oldest got the idea he’d make this recipe in a large casserole dish (doubled, everything, in my house).  it was perfect!  fast, fairly reasonable to feed our herd-of-seven, and very filling.  paired with a fresh tomato-basil-salad, it was a great weeknight meal!

Turkey Sausage Fritatta_dancing with my father_b

i’m betting we could probably mix this up and keep it in the fridge overnight or whip it up in the morning and eat for lunch (we tend to eat our “big meal” at lunch what with our home school schedule).

Turkey Sausage Fritatta_dancing with my father_c

want the recipe?  click here to head over to allrecipes!

(disclaimer: Butterball provided compensation for use of turkey sausage as part of their turketarian/turkey tuesday campaign.  opinions are my own.)

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