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The name comes from a song by Big Daddy Weave that rocked my world when I first heard it.  As a little girl just learning to walk, I studied ballet, and music and dance played a powerful part of my identity all through my early life.  Growing up, I walked through some life experiences that left me hungry for intimacy that would fill my hungry heart (maybe you can relate?).  Flash forward a few years and, hitting rock bottom both spiritually and emotionally, I realized that dance and music had been lost, both literally and figuratively.  Dancing With My Father became a way to chronicle my journey of learning to hear God’s voice through my world, my relationships, and before all that, to learn to know His heart through His word.


It’s my hope that Dancing With My Father will be a place where others are encouraged to move to the rhythm of Grace.  I write thoughts heavy on my heart, encouragement for women, and devotional ponderings.  I share recipes and home tips that I hope you can use to enrich your life, “dancing” to the music of God’s love for you, His precious creation.


Titus 2 forms a foundation for me, a calling on my heart to encourage other women, especially.  Each of us is an “older woman” to someone else, even if that person is older than us!  God calls to us to love Him, to love our husbands (or future husbands, or Him, our soul-husband) and children, to be keepers at home.  I hope the words I write will help others find a place of sweetness and challenge, that they will stir up thoughts and conversations, and dare us each to move as He leads.


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