sweet life and meal planning.

 get up. dive into day. run, run, run.

make meals. serve clients. teach kiddos. spend time with God, hubby, children, family.

occasionally, clean.  ha!

sometimes it all feels like the little plastic wheel in the little-critter-cage at the pet store, doesn’t it?  and amidst it all, there’s the longing to slow down the “necessary,” or at least to pare back and still the focus on the sweet-and-wonderful.


this year, i signed up for a gift to help myself do that.  i researched it for a while, i considered that it might be “cheating,” that i might spend money and not use this tool that looked so cool and effective.  but who am i kidding?  do i really need to spend hours hunting for and creating every. single. meal. on my own?  or would it be a huge blessing to have someone else do the hard work and give me a framework so i am free to deviate and get creative more often?!

so i downloaded the free trial for emeals, and i gave it a whirl.  we tried the “clean eating” as well as “paleo plan” and was i ever pleasantly surprised!  every dish i made was not just simple to prepare, but full of pops of flavor, creative flavor profiles, and fresh ways to envision inexpensive ingredients.

we didn’t just like the trial, we signed up for the emeals system, and then we began to enjoy the ease of having meals not just planned, but according to the eating lifestyle we chose (paleo menu plan, anyone?!), and with an eye toward being better stewards of our food budget.

i’ve bragged to every girlfriend i know, and now i’m sharing the love with you.  go now – click the bar above for a special holiday offer, and give it a try.  you might be giving yourself a more relaxing, enjoyable holiday season!  choose your favorite menu plan, tell the geniuses at emeals where you like to shop, and voila, you may just have time to photograph mini-pies-in-apples made by your daughter and her heart-friend.  🙂

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disclaimer: while my bragging on emeals is 100% voluntary because i love it, a year after i joined i applied to become an affiliate and i do receive a small commission for sharing the love.


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