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strawberry buttercream macarons {strawberry macaron recipe}

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my kitchen may be a mess, but our hearts are full from the laughter that rings through the house.  sweetest of friends, enjoying the age-old art of baking – in this case, strawberry buttercream macarons.


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most often i find my a-girl is more suited to baking than me; she loves numbers and formulas and order, and finds rest in the following of precise measurements.  some nights, the evening grows late, and batch after batch is required for perfection, as the focus is more on the time together than the equations.  and that is just fine.


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baking reminds us that life is, indeed, sweet.  it connects hearts as it pleases palates.  enjoy this recipe, inspired by martha stewart’s recipe for parisian macarons.


strawberry macaron recipe a


as my dearest girl prepares for the leave-taking of her heart-friend, headed off to college, and our own leave-taking toward a new stage in our family’s journey, we are so thankful for sweetnesses, and time together with kindred spirits.  do you have a favorite kindred-spirit memory making activity?  please share…


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espresso macarons with espresso buttercream

espresso parisian macaron with espresso buttercream

my a-girl is a dessert baker and a coffee lover; actually, come to think of it, so’s j.  he whipped up his own batch of cookies the other night when a craving struck. creating new recipes with either of them is one of my greatest joys!

espresso parisian macaron with espresso buttercream D

it’s birthday-day for my second son and my third, my daughter.  in our family, that means they get to choose meals for the day.  here’s what’s been requested:


donuts from st. pete bagel; this will include of course red velvet donuts and maple bacon donuts

maple sausage



fresh oj


roast beef sandwiches (Londonport, to be exact) with horesradish, smoked gruyere, and caramelized onions

homemade chocolate chip cookies


tbd; we’ll be out for a track meet and stop for, most likely, Mexican after



espresso parisian macaron with espresso buttercream C


in honor of their birthdays, i wanted to share this ridiculous-amazing macaron recipe we created.  and after you’ve plotted YOUR batch, would you  click over to visit her and say “hi,” and “happy birthday?”

espresso parisian macaron with espresso buttercream B

we used martha stewart’s easy french macarons recipe.  to this, we added a teaspoon of powdered espresso and half a teaspoon of coffee extract.

then we created an espresso buttercream with salted butter, espresso powder, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla.  we devoured them all delivered most of this batch to a lovely lady’s bridal shower.


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peppermint dark chocolate macarons.

peppermint dark chocolate macarons dwmfc


a-girl and her sweet friend jordan have been on a baking frenzy again, this time taking orders from a neighbor for Christmas gifts.  they created these amazing peppermint white chocolate macarons, and they embody the season in one perfect, delicate, decadent little bite.

peppermint dark chocolate macarons dwmfd

it took four batches this time, for some reason.  maybe the weather.  they did some sleuthing and found a trouble-shooting guide and perfected the texture and flavor and finally, the perfect macarons emerged from the kitchen.  it’s Christmas!

peppermint dark chocolate macarons dwmfb

want a great parisian macaron recipe?  the girls were inspired by this one.  thanks, martha stewart!

peppermint dark chocolate macarons dwmf

the girls are thinking of taking more orders and expanding this baking love.  interested in placing your request?  leave a comment below!

peppermint dark chocolate macarons dwmfe


Merry Christmas.  enjoy the sweetness of the season! dancing divider webb