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mock trial {home schooling adventures}

this year, our (gasp!) 11th year of “official” home educating,  marked our second year of home schooling classically with classical conversations.  perhaps one of my favorite years for my girl, it was a year of huge growth, deep peer-connections, wonderful role-modeling from a tutor she deeply respects, and one of the most in-depth curriculum selections we’ve yet enjoyed.  although i have reservations about some aspects of the program, our experience has overall been a blessing i am thankful for.


classical conversations mock trial b

one of the greatest challenges, and most rewarding, for our a-girl, was mock trial.  she and her peers worked on their trial case for a full semester, studying the legal system through the eyes of legal professional, defendant, and witness.  they presented their trial twice, first playing various roles for the prosecution, then playing the defense.


classical conversations mock trial a


it was powerful, hearing the kids and parents pray that this experience would be used to grow them in strength of character, skills and traits to be used in their future calling.

Mock Trial classical conversations h

a-girl acted as lead attorney for the prosecution, giving the opening statement and examining a key witness.  then she played the role of a psychologist for the defense, an expert in battered spouse syndrome.  i was amazed not just in her diligence, but in the depth of understanding required of her and the rest of the class, to play out a murder trial in a real courtroom, with a real judge, with real legal professionals serving as jury.

Mock Trial classical conversations j


watching a witness take the stand.

classical conversations mock trial d


swearing in to take the stand as a witness herself.

classical conversations mock trial e

Mock Trial classical conversations E

a light-hearted moment in between trials.

Mock Trial classical conversations f

we aren’t proud parents or anything.  🙂

Mock Trial classical conversations d

Mock Trial classical conversations c

the “home team.”

Mock Trial classical conversations i


little brothers there to give support, and maybe learn a thing or two.

Mock Trial classical conversations

Mock Trial classical conversations g


the trial is over; the crew can breathe… and laugh!

Mock Trial classical conversations k


sweet friend jordi, there to support a-girl on the big day.  she’s a mock trial “graduate” from her own schooling, so she had great feedback to share.

classical conversations mock trial c

i think these tutors are relieved it’s over.

Mock Trial classical conversations b


do you have a favorite moment from your school year?  please share!


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