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peace {heart thoughts – tuesdays at ten}

we have been uprooted. we’re not-quite-gone from our last home, because we are not-quite-settled in another.  while we seek to connect and build relationship, if i’m honest i feel such unsettled-ness because i don’t have my home.

i’m surprised by the moments i get glimpses of that “home” feeling in the hearts and words of others.  when someone shares they’ve enjoyed one of our recipes.  when someone dares to bravely reveal a piece of themselves, open for acceptance or challenge.  when someone sheds tears of understanding at how little me is feeling.

in times of transition, i find my heart becomes unsettled. i’m grappling with my whole being for some sense of control, of balance, of belonging.  and yet as i feel unsettled here, i remember yet again that this world is not my home.  it’s temporary.  it’s a place where i live out Truth, paradoxically fleshing out what is genuine, while realizing in growing anticipation that it’s only the starter home, the precursor for the forever-homethat is my Home with my Papa.



and when i remember, startled again by the truth of it, that i am to settle here but not seek my settled-ness here, i am surprised by peace.  somehow knowing this isn’t all there is, that even my earthly dream-home isn’t the end-all and be-all, so getting it or not getting it is of little consequence, brings calm to my heart.  recognizing that while i seek to create beauty to honor my Creator, He is the true beauty and He is ultimately my heart’s Home brings calm.

so, how do you find peace?

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