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on family time {caprese style grilled chicken breasts}

i love the “sunday supper” campaign idea.  something about it rings back to old-fashioned family time, laughter, real conversation, and always good food.  i remember my grandma making a feast to feed three times the number of attendees, and sitting down to be “fed, fat, and happy.”  now we try to make nourishing and delicious meals, and we try to do it as a team… if it’s not in the slow-cooker, we often pick up a rotisserie chicken and pick it apart, dropping onto a salad piled high with farmer’s-market harvested veggies.

caprese style grilled chicken_3

this meal had the fastest-ever prep time, super-fast cook time.  my only critique: if you know me, you know i’m not a huge fan of the frozen chicken breast.  next time, it’ll be whole breasts, fired over the grill.  somehow it seems to need the bones and the skin to give it the richness of flavor for my liking.

caprese style grilled chicken_1

i’m pretty sure i could prep this and have it all ready to pop on the grill when we arrive home from church, or from basketball, or from a relaxing couple hours at the beach.

oh yes!  we served ours with garlicky roasted green beans!  next time i might do spaghetti squash – i’d roast it and then pull it apart to replace the pasta.  this time was quick-and-easy!  ready to make it for your sunday supper?  click here for the recipe.  🙂

  caprese style grilled chicken_4

what are your sunday supper traditions?

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sunday supper!

sometimes i’m just blown away by community.  today was a scary day for a friend whose daughter had an emergency health issue.  as she sought answers and dove into focusing on one of her dear ones, we’d been planning a last-minute get-together with another family, mutual friends of us both.  when i asked what we could do to help, we learned she needed a pick-up for her son so she could focus on her daughter.  as the third mama and i worked out the details, i thought what a privilege it was to be trusted with an “extra son” for the afternoon, for each of us.

hawaiian turkey burgers_3

it does this mama-heart good to know that when we need it, we have “family” nearby to love on our kiddos, to hold them to high standards, and to encourage them to be all they’re called to be.

and when we spend time together as families, our kids have the opportunity to see other families in action, and gain respect for other adults.  and sometimes, we parents have the opportunity to learn a thing or two.  🙂

hawaiian turkey burgers_4 hawaiian turkey burgers_5

and of course, there’s always food…

we loved these so much, we made them today and we’re making them next week for turkey tuesday.  come back then for our customized version of the recipe!

hawaiian turkey burgers_2

(winter sangria from rachael ray – family friendly and healthy, too!)

winter sangria a

of course i couldn’t leave a delicious recipe alone. truth be told, pomegranate seeds were freakishly expensive, and i couldn’t bring myself to spring for them no matter how much i adore them, so we floated raspberries in the sangria.  which, when you put your tongue into them as you drink your sangria, will give you a little “zing!”

we’re loving the idea of doing “sunday supper.”  i think it might become a regular happening around here!

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