tomorrow {five minute friday}

it’s ok to let it go.  i tell myself that, and still the piles that threaten to eat me in my sleep, haunt my dreams.  the towering collections of things-that-must-be-organized hover everywhere i turn, and the things-that-must-be-found-to-organize-them list grows with each box i unpack.




yet in the midst of it, i look around, in awe of what my Papa has provided.  after six months of waiting, in our precious and tiny cottage by the sea, we’ve found ourselves in a light-filled, high-ceiling home with friendly neighbors (and daily driveway soccer and basketball dates with their kiddos), a nearby woods with -what?!- cranberry bogs, and hardwood floors.  it sounds silly, but somehow in my still-a-little-girl-inside mind, hardwood floors and great afternoon light spilling into the windows translates into having “arrived” in the magic kingdom.


still, in the beauty after a wait, i find ways to criticize myself.  my unpacking is taking too long (it’s been a week.  much of our lives has been packed for a year).  i’m not blogging or working out enough.  i’m getting scattered and my time to read and be quiet with God is slacking.  school took a backseat for a couple weeks (we just found all the books and now the real studying begins!).  and the thing is?  there is always tomorrow.  in a good way.


not in a procrastinating-unhealthily kind of way, but in a way that says it’s ok to enjoy the moment, to relish the blessings, and to know that what actually must get done, will.  because ultimately, my Papa has it, and what He has planned for me will get accomplished.


it’s no excuse to stick my head in the sand and ignore the necessary (kids must be fed and laundry must be done, or it smells bad, ha!).  but i can be here, in the moment, and thank my Papa for the blessings, and let what can wait, wait, for tomorrow.


what do you have in your day that is needed today?  what can be left for tomorrow?  much love, friend.  🙂


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this post was written as part of a weekly writing challenge called five minute friday.  join other amazing writers as they share their hearts, joined by a mutual theme word.  it’s a fun read!

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