turkey on tuesdays – lettuce wraps

turkey lettuce wraps dancing with my father b

although i think i get a little better each week at planning our meals, sporting events and workout days leave me scattered, and there are still plenty of nights when we hit six pm and everyone is asking, “what’s for dinner??!!” and there are still plenty of nights when they’re met with mama’s blank stare.

paleo turkey lettuce wraps dancing with my father a
we are getting better at keeping “stock” items in the freezer, though, and i’m remembering more often to buy those items ahead when they’re priced well. having ground turkey on hand makes it easy to add any number of spices/flavor profiles and create a super-fast option. these lettuce wraps were amazing, and they took less than thirty minutes from thawed-to-table. now if i can just remember to put the meat out to thaw…

paleo turkey lettuce wraps dancing with my father b combining my love with recipe hunting with the ease of an automated plan, i’m starting to feel like i’m getting a handle on eating healthier, while running a business, and keeping up with our busy and growing crew!!!

turkey lettuce wraps dancing with my father c


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