Being a mama is hard work.

Want some company for the journey?

Have you ever wanted another mama to walk alongside you, maybe a few steps ahead on the path?

Although being a mama is the greatest gift I could’ve imagined, so many times along the way I’ve longed for someone to walk beside me, to let me lean in to what she was learning, too. I’ve wanted a sister-friend to help me navigate the tricky spots, to encourage me that I can do this mom-thing, that I can, in all my brokenness, point my kids to something, to Someone greater than me.

I want to be that friend for you!

Join me for a four-week journey of encouragement, teaching, and hands-on-homework that will help you be braver, more gentle, and more effective, as you invest in the hearts of your children.

With weekly emails and personal interaction, live videos featuring teaching and Q&A in a private Facebook group, hands-on-homework to implement big concepts, and resource shares of my favorite books and teachers, I’ll walk with you for a few steps along this journey.

Let’s grow together!


Here’s what you will receive as part of the Walking Alongside Four-Week Mentorship, beginning July 3, 2017:

A private Facebook group:

  • A place where we can get real, ask hard questions, and share practical insight for the day-to-day work of being a mama after God’s heart
  • Weekly live videos where I’ll share thoughts, encouragement, and host Q & A

Weekly emails:

  • Devotional thoughts
  • Stories from along-the-road
  • Biblical insight and helps to enrich your marriage, your parenting, your home life
  • Hands-on activities to incorporate more intentional moments into your daily mom life
  • Printable pages to keep track of your notes as God speaks to you along the way


My favorite resources:

  • A collection of free and paid offerings from myself and amazing writers and speakers I read, to encourage you along the way
  • Surprise “extras” during the journey!


I believe this Walking Alongside mentorship has the chance to encourage each of us to walk out, in brave and purposeful new ways, the kind of parenting our hearts long to give our children.


Update: We are currently in a four-week session and will be beginning a new session when this one is ended.  Would you like more info when the next session begins?

Because I believe in how it can impact you (and me!), I am keeping enrollment to a small group of women, for a limited time.  Enrollment for this four week session will end on Wednesday, June 28, and the course will kick off on Monday, July 3.



Then click and get an update when we start our next four-week session (plus a free gift to download for encouragement)!


Sweet friend, I can’t wait to see what God has in store.

PS: In case you’re wondering, I’m a wife, a mama of five (ages 9 up to 20), and a Jesus-follower.  I’m passionate about inspiring women to walk out their first calling as wives, mamas, and keepers-at-home, living as salt and light in our families and homes, workplaces and neighborhoods.  I’ve been fortunate to receive incredible encouragement from other women along the way (and I still am!), and to have the opportunity to teach and encourage women from school-age to young adult, young moms to multi-age groups.  Our family isn’t perfect, but we go together to the God who has the power to save and transform, and I hope to help others do the same!





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