whole 30, part 2 {a christian perspective on the whole 30}

thanks for stopping by as i share our family’s journey with the whole 30.  i have to admit, this week i slipped a little bit in my planning.  actually i had planned fine, and had a list of recipes to make, but i didn’t do as well with follow-up on getting the ingredients lined up to make them.  instead, i did more putting-together of simple meals with good quality vegetables and meats, and it worked just fine.  i’m also noticing that if i don’t beat the kids up and have breakfast made, they’re getting more adventurous themselves, learning what flavors they like that are still advantageous for their health.  my second (a teenage boy) has made himself a venison steak for breakfast, fried eggs with homemade salsa and fresh avocado, and a fruit bowl with cashews on top.


as we i think back to the start of our journey, i realize i was fearful that the kids would feel hungry, and that would translate to deprived.  i’m realizing some connections to my own childhood with food, where a lavish meal meant “love,” and a meal thrown together without care (or a bowl of cereal on the couch) to me translated to lack of care.  i’m finding myself buying tons of “extra” items like nuts and plantain chips and cashew butter because i want them to have plenty of snacks on hand should the urge strike, and realizing that is a history-based act of love for me.  simultaneously, i’m feeling guilty for being privileged enough to joke about journeying afar, and to buy “extras” so my kids won’t feel “deprived.”  personally, i think the idea of spiritual fasting is so deeply tied into this whole 30 challenge, and i long for others to have that same experience.  often i’ve found that saying “no” to a particular food or drink when a craving strikes, opens the opportunity for me to draw closer to God to help me make the wiser choice in the moment.


christian whole 30 a


i’m also learning that this journey has drawn us together in ways i didn’t expect.  because we homeschool and my husband works at a place where there’s nearly always (not so healthy) food available, we’re being super intentional about preparing meals together, and even more so when others are determined to “tempt” us.  it’s a cool side-effect i’m so thankful for.


tomorrow i will begin again with preparing some of our recipes in advance while the kiddos are working on school assignments.  i want to get ahead of the game and not find myself in a panic at the six o’clock witching hour; that’s been key so far.  i feel like my taking responsibility for preparation has helped us stay the course, and really experience the benefits of our journey.  it’s also freed the kids up (and even my husband) to be creative when the urge strikes.


here’s a brief look at some more recipes we’ve enjoyed in our second week:


whole 30 collage b


lunch: charred romaine and chicken lime burgers on the grill, leftover roasted carrot “fries,” and coleslaw made by adding guacamole to lime and olive oil and whisking, then tossing to dress

breakfast: ground turkey sauteed with leftover butternut squash and roasted asparagus

my kale and apple salad – a family favorite!

lunch: grass feed beef burgers with tessamae’s bbq sauce, fresh grape tomatoes, and onions sauteed in red palm oil

taco salad – YUM!  carrots and cabbage and romaine, cilantro, avocado, fresh salsa, sliced radishes, and fresh cilantro

chicken salad with dried unsweetened cranberries and tessamae’s dressing, shredded carrots, black olives, and plantain chips from trader joe’s

baked salmon with lemon and ghee, fresh avocado and blistered tomatoes, roasted delicata squash with ghee, and steamed broccoli with lemon and garlic

more of a favorite salad of romaine spears, roasted garlic, blistered tomatoes and pine nuts


have you tried a whole 30 challenge?  what are your tips for being organized, for staying on track, and for getting kids involved in proactively seeking a healthier lifestyle?





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