Christmas to-do’s {free Christmas printable list}

i love to-do lists. if only i could consign myself to keep them all in one place, streamlined, and not on ten different notepads scattered amuck, i know this would bring such joy to my dear man and efficiency to my own self.  i’m working on it, i promise. for now, i’m aiming to keep them all in one central place – that being my big giant pretty three ring binder-of-everything. a designed this free Christmas printable “to do” list to help me focus. i thought you might enjoy it, too!


christmas to-do printable websize


because if it’s pretty, it’s more fun to use, right? and if it’s fun to use, i might actually get. stuff. done.


yes, i know it’s not quite Thanksgiving.  i know there’s to-do stuff for that, too.  but for me, i’m already getting highlighted catalogs of boy’s adventure stuff handed to me by hopeful sons.  i’m still in my lil’ cottage by the sea, and working myself up to finding joy in decorating when it isn’t my dream home (really, girl – be thankful for this precious little space where memories are being made and closeness of heart is inevitable!!  keep it together!)  and for me, making lists of wishful things is part of celebrating the holiday, and part of the joy of being in the moment.  maybe it’s that way for you too.  do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?


click here to get your own full-size copy of this Christmas to-do list.


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