dear heart {five on friday}

dear heart,

you are tender and strong.  you are fiery and fickle.  you know Truth, and you recall lies.


dear heart, you are a treasure, for you hold the Love that lasts for eternity, and you are an enemy, for when you run astray, you take Truth on a wild ride that forces it to fight for dear life.  and you take with it the gentleness that is most precious, that of peace and trust and Knowing.



but you are called, dear heart, to obedience to the One who made you, and i call you, obey.  listen to Him and long for Him and in so doing, rain down mercy on those who cross your path.  you are called, dear heart, to give Grace.  so give: give freely, remembering Truth, Who defines what Love is.


this post is written for five on friday, a weekly link-up of writers who dare themselves to lay themselves bare for five minutes, to write freely for others to read.  please click over to see what others are writing.


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