more than enough

sister, you’re not.


i say it to myself, and i say it to you, my kindred spirit.  you are beautiful.  you are created.  you are lovely inside and out and you are powerful to do great things in this world.  you are LOVED.


but on your own, without desperately required help from the One who made you and saves you, you are not capable of doing all the things the world says you can.


shining light angela sackett


breathe.  listen.  it’s ok.  it will be ok.  because HE IS.  he is all you need and a thousand times more and He is calling each of us to go deeper, and further, than we ever thought possible.  and when that call is from Him, it will not be filled with angst and fear, but with great rejoicing.  it will be filled with such utter joy that we need not strive, and panic, and worry.  because He is enough, we can live.


do you hear Him calling?  oh, how our Papa longs to shine Light into our darkness… to be enough for our never-enough.


He is.  more than enough.


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