on change.

fear not, Little One.  I Am, and I know where you shall go.  I know what you shall do.  because you are Mine, your steps are numbered, and the rhythm of my Song will guide their pace and their pattern.  listen and join my Dance.

i am unsettled, and my stomach has that “clicking to the top of the coaster” feeling again.  life brings change, and ‘tho i know change is ultimately good, it doesn’t stop me from wondering what’s just around the corner that i can’t see.

i know i’ve run through a period of ignoring the call to do what’s most important, first, and it’s time to get things back in line.  i’ve got to crack down on my health.  i’ve got to make wise choices and sleep sometimes.  i long to create food that’s not just delicious, but wholesome, and not just sometimes.

this means some things will need to be let go.  the calendar will need to be purged and this will mean trusting that saying “no” to some things means saying “now” to what’s vital.  it means trusting when i do, my Papa will provide for my needs.

i know when i’m unsettled, though, it’s because He’s bringing about change.  and change is ultimately for Good.

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