i am my beloved’s…

this past few months have been a time of honing.  maybe honing isn’t the right word… chiseling?  hammering? blow-to-the-gut discovery of how much i need to grow?

i’m in awe when i look around me at what my Papa has done with our children, our family, our friends.  often in spite, and sometimes because of, our hearts, our willingness to do what is right, our unwillingness to do just that.


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“if you have a teachable heart…” seems to be the precursor to so many promises.  so i’m listening.  and asking for new wisdom (well, new to me, because really, there’s nothing new under the sun…”  and i’m praying for renewed vision for the two of us, and for our crew.  because we’ve got new adventuring to do, and i’m excited where the path will lead.  and you?  what adventures will you be about this year?  because there is nothing new under the sun, and yet behold, He has made all things new


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