story time for little girls (product review: Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess)

when our “big girl” was little, we’d spend time snuggled up and reading together, cozy candles lit and tea in hand.  not much has changed; we still curl up, now with our hot tea or coffee, and enjoy our own books side-to-side.  or we take notes together on her latest school project.  or she snuggles with little blue or e. and reads to one of them.

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fact: a little girl (a big girl, for that matter), can never hear often enough that she is beautiful.  the world, and her own self-doubts, will pound in enough questioning messages over the years.  tell her she’s beautiful.  daily.  teach her brothers to do the same.  {sorry, bossy tone over.}

this book would be the perfect way to spend mommy-daughter reading time.  it’s sweet and simple with girly-pink-appeal, but it introduces real truths for little ones.  each “story” includes a Bible verse, a short summary, a “Princess Prayer,” and a “Princess Jewel.”  i like that the princess prayer introduces the concept of talking with Papa.  the little “Jewel” is a tiny nugget of truth for a little one to hold on to.  one of my favorite facets, though, easily missed and yet unfortunately, not included in lots of children’s Bible books, is the scripture reference included in the contents section.  recently a friend was reading a Bible story book to her grand-kiddos, when she discovered a less-than-theologically-accurate nugget.  she spent the bulk of the morning digging through several versions of the Bible looking for Truth with them.  what an important life lesson, and great example of teaching them little how they can engage with scripture for themselves!  still, i appreciate that Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess makes the effort to include the original scripture reference.

little princess book

my take?  this is a sweet, visually appealing (i adore the whimsical illustrations by shelley dieterichs!) little-girl devotional book by sheri rose shepherd.  i can’t wait to share with little-girl-mama-friends!  we’re going to be gifting a copy to our precious friend who’s just become a girl-mama herself.  if you’d like to purchase the book (disclosure: this is my amazon affiliate cart; i receive a small commission from the purchase), you can click here.

and guess what?  you can enter here to win a wonderful prize package from Tyndale, including Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess.  just click the link (and once you’re there, click category “for wee ones”!

Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess

ISBN 978-1-4143-7909-8

Juvenile Nonfiction/Religion/Bible/Stories

Publisher: Tyndale, Suggested Retail $14.99USD

have books to recommend?  i’d love to hear about them!  leave a comment below.

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